It's STILL All About Healthcare: Thank Our Democratic Senators For Their Efforts

Thursday, June 22nd

(Adapted from Rogan's List)


Emotions and actions continue to run high about the secretive Senate health care process.

As reported today in The Guardian, "The Senate’s 142-page proposal, unveiled on Thursday, would eliminate or reduce key benefits provided by Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act; lower taxes for the wealthy; strip funding from the women’s reproductive health provider Planned Parenthood; and dramatically cut and restructure Medicaid, America’s public health insurance program for low-income and disabled Americans....Experts believe the legislation could leave millions of Americans without health insurance, and could have a stark impact on vulnerable populations such as people recovering from addiction, ageing middle-class baby boomers, and women and children."

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats held the floor recently to shine light on the flaws of the male-only, closed meetings, as reported by Reuters this week: "Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said that the closed-door Republican meetings on healthcare amounted to "the most glaring departure from normal legislative procedure that I have ever seen."

"Republicans are writing their healthcare bill under the cover of darkness because they are ashamed of it," Schumer charged. The resulting legislation would likely throw millions out of health insurance, he said, while granting "a big fat tax break for the wealthiest among us."

Action You Can Take Today

Although it is sometimes unbearably boring to keep calling and writing to the same people all the time, they still need to hear from you, all the time.  

  • Please thank our Senator Chuck Schumer for navigating these unprecedented times.
    You can find his contact info here:

  • While you're at it, thank our Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for her stand on protecting our healthcare too.  
    You can find her contact info here: