The Philipstown Democrats enthusiastically support these candidates--read more about them in our blog


Elect John Van Tassel--Supervisor, Town of Philipstown
As a lifelong Philipstown resident, I have worked to help steward and improve the wonderful community we all enjoy. For me, that meant volunteering as a Firefighter, an EMT, starting my own small business here, and serving as a member of the Town Board. I am doing this because I care, and I want my kids and yours to have opportunities in Philipstown.


Elect Megan Cotter--Philipstown Town Board
I was lucky enough to grow up in Philipstown and experience what makes this place so special: a caring, small community where neighbors help each other. I’m running for Town Board to carry this basic premise forward--preserving the fabric of our community while implementing smart change and development.

Elect Jason Angell--Philipstown Town Board
We live here, work here, and care for my parents next door while raising our two children here. Like you, this is the place that we have chosen to call home -- it is the nature of this community and the relationships between the people in it that will shape the quality of our lives.


Re-elect Nancy Montgomery--Legislative District 1
I am here for the ideals of citizenship and responsibility, the twin backbones of our representative democracy. I still believe that with my colleagues from all parties, we can do this locally, where personal effort counts and we can all expect results. 


Re-elect Robert L. Langley Jr.--Putnam County Sheriff
Sheriff Langley’s commitment to Putnam County’s crime prevention, crisis intervention, school resource officer program and, particularly, his diligent work with the treatment court is unmatched.