While the attention is on Washington, the work happens here, at home. And it’s the job of the Philipstown Democrats to find dedicated, creative, and compassionate people to do that work and help them do it well.

The members of our committee, volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, share a deep love for our community and our country. It’s clear to us that the well-being of one depends upon the well-being of the other.

And so we work to air the issues and concerns important to the people who live here. We work to elect Democrats who will protect what makes this place special, address its shortcomings, and fix what’s broken. We work to find and support leaders who can show a way forward. We work to build a fairer, stronger, better Philipstown, Putnam, New York, and America.

You can help. Our work includes interviewing candidates for town office; running campaigns; gathering nominating signatures; knocking on doors; writing postcards; submitting letters to the editor; hosting information forums; getting out the vote. All that requires people power. If you’ve got power to share, please contact us

You can also find us at facebook.com/philipstowndemocrats.

Find your Election District in the Town of Philipstown Map.

Philipstown Democrats, PO Box 451, Garrison, NY 10524.