We Democrats have much to be proud of these past eight years – an historic Paris Climate Accord, a reduction in health-cost increases and 20 million new Americans insured under the Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank controls on Wall Street and significant advances in LGBT rights across the nation, just to name a few.

Locally, every Democratic candidate carried Philipstown including Hillary Clinton, Senator Chuck Schumer, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, State-Senate candidate Terry Gipson, County Justice candidate Gina Capone, and our newest Town Justice Camille Linson.

We Democrats also recognize there is much to be learned from this election cycle – and Democrats nationwide are reviewing every aspect of our efforts and recommitting ourselves to reduce income inequality and re-energize the Democratic Party from the grassroots on up, fighting for democratic ideals in every county, in every state across the nation.

And that is where you come in.

We need your ideas, we need your voices, we need your time and support for the bedrock ideals that have illuminated the Democratic Party for generations..

Our task now is to find a new path forward, despite our disappointments and the broken dream of electing the first woman President. Across the nation, new organizations are being created, existing organizations are gathering members and raising funds at record levels and mobilization has begun. With Republicans controlling both branches of government the challenges will be great – but we are up to the task.

We, Philipstown Democrats, are committing ourselves to the struggle for social justice, equality, fairness, and progressive local, state, and national leadership, and we hope you will join us in that fight.

We meet every month, we plan local events, carry petitions and raise funds for local democratic candidates, write letters, attend county meetings and maintain this website and a Facebook page.

If you would like to join us in our efforts,  please contact us, and have a look at our Take Action blog and Calendar.

You can also find us at facebook.com/philipstowndemocrats.