We the people.

We hold these truths, to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

Rarely in our history has the Democratic and Republican parties' vision for America been so starkly different. 

Laid bare by the pandemic, the relentless effort by Republicans to dismantle the Federal government, isolate America, and ignore income inequality, human rights, and climate change has diminished our position in the world and cost tens of thousands of lives.

At virtually every level of government, from the Presidency to Congress, to State and Local elections - the urgency is clear.

We, Philipstown Democrats, are working to elect Democrats who believe in the role government can, and must, play in solving the challenges ahead. 

And we need your help. 

Whether it is helping the local food bank, sharing health information, carrying petitions and raising funds for local candidates, organizing events, advocating for progressive Democratic ideals, or managing our website and social media-- there is critical work to be done.

We meet monthly, communicate frequently, and hope you join us.

Yes, all of us.

Please contact us, and explore our site.

You can also find us at facebook.com/philipstowndemocrats.

Find your Election District in the Town of Philipstown Map.