Today: Advocate for Science

Friday, March 31st

(Adapted from the folks at the March for Science)


Advocate for Science Today

Tuesday, March 28th, the President proposed an immediate $18 billion cut from research, education, and additional programs. Although there are many hurdles before this version passes Congress, it’s important to make our concerns heard now. Take the time today to call your Member of Congress to push back against extreme budget cuts to the federal medical funding.  These changes put everything at risk, including our health, our children's future, and the American economy.

Click here, enter your address and find contact info for your your members of Congress. Here’s a quick script, but always remember to personalize it and share why medical research funding matters to you.

“I’m calling because I want to urge Representative [Last Name] to oppose the Trump Administration’s proposed cuts to the National Institutes of Health. NIH’s research saves lives every day and the basic research they do creates new treatments and new medicine. It’s hard to believe we’re actually debating whether or not to fund an agency that saves lives, creates jobs and keeps the United States leading the world in medical research. Is my representative against these cuts or are they going to remain silent in the face of these unprecedented attacks on American science and people’s health?”