DeFund DAPL NYC Divestment Day @ Union Square Park

Saturday, May 13th from 10am - 2pm

(Adapted from Grassroots Action New York)


Divestment can put an end to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) just as it has ended injustices, like South African apartheid, in the past.

Seattle and San Franciscio recently divested billions of dollars’ worth of transactions from DAPL-funding banks, and Mayor De Blasio recently came out in support of divesting NYC’s pensions from offending banks.

Grassroots Action New York is building momentum for city- and state-wide divestment from banks funding the DAPL -- join by closing our accounts together on May 13th!


  1.  OPEN an account at a socially responsible bank or credit union. Find out which banks are and aren’t involved in DAPL at

  2. TRANSFER everything to your new account. Switch over all direct deposit info and auto-payments to your new account. Edit the auto-payment info for your rent, utility bills, apps, and/or subscriptions. Double check a recent bank statement to make sure everything has been transferred to your new account.

  3. WITHDRAW everything but a “protest penny” from your old account and transfer it electronically to your new account. This makes life just a liiittle more difficult for your old bank before you close your account. 

  4. DIVEST from your old bank on #DivestmentDayNYC!  Let your old bank know why you and your peers are closing your accounts with a letter from Then, publicize your action on social media, and call on your city council members and state legislators to divest the city’s and state’s pension funds, too!

#DeFundDAPL, NYC! #BankExit

Check out Sarah Silverman supporting the cause:

Watch the video from the first Grassroots Action New York event:

May 13, 2017 at 10:00am - 2pm