Join us in 2023!

As our committee looks back over the political year 2022, we are so appreciative of your commitment to curtail rightwing political extremism by voting in record numbers for competent and dedicated Democratic candidates, contributing money, and by volunteering your time to help those candidates win. A few of you even opened your homes to candidates to give them space to speak directly to the people and to raise the necessary funds for campaigning--we are so grateful for your very personal contribution. 
The Philipstown Democrats committee is a small group of unpaid volunteers who dedicate some precious personal time to the mission of Electing Local Democrats, Supporting Democratic Ideals, and Building the Democratic Party. At times it is hard work, but it is very rewarding to engage with local Democratic and unaffiliated voters and it's satisfying to have our town governed by competent, dedicated, and caring local officials.
We need more members. Do you believe that good government is formed from the ground up? We need more hard-working members because it takes a lot of effort to do our basic work -- which is: 
  • Finding and vetting candidates to run for local offices.
  • Petitioning (Going door-to-door during March collecting signatures to get candidates' names on the ballot.)
  • Fundraising in support of local candidates.
  • Canvassing (The most effective way to win an election is going door-to-door in September and October and talking to voters about the candidate(s). 
We want to do work that is beyond the basics too, such as:
  • Support the effort to reform the New York State Democratic Party.
  • Communicate more frequently with local Democratic voters.
  • Support campaigns for good Democrats in Putnam County and beyond.
To join the Philipstown Democrats as a committee member (you must be a registered Democrat) email us at: [email protected]
We need more Volunteers too. We particularly need volunteers to go door-to-door collecting signatures in March and door-to-door to canvas for candidates in September and October. There are other ways that volunteers can contribute. Sign up by emailing us at ___ so that we can communicate about volunteer opportunities during the year.