Keep Online Privacy Intact: Call Congressman Maloney Now

Tuesday, March 28th

(Adapted from ACLU & DailyKos)

On March 23, Republican Senators voted to overturn privacy rules implemented by the FCC in 2015 that protect your personal data online. These rules require internet service providers to get your permission before they sell your personal data. 


The House votes today, TUESDAY, on a bill that will allow companies to sell your online data without your permission. The Senate already passed this bill on a partisan vote (50-48). 

Action You Can Take Today

This is your opportunity to tell Congress to vote NO on S.J. Resolution 34. If the House removes these rules, Comcast and other internet service providers will be free to sell your personal information and online behavior history to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.

Call our Representative Representative Sean Patrick Maloney at (202) 225-5441 today and tell him you want the House to leave these important privacy rules in place.