Percacciolo is Pure Philipstown

Tara Percacciolo for Philipstown Clerk

Tara Percacciolo will bring new energy and efficiency to Philipstown Town Hall as our next Town Clerk. Tara has deep roots in Philipstown. She was raised with a deep sense of community involvement and taught to believe that public service was more than a civic responsibility, it’s part of being a good neighbor. Her father was Highway Supervisor for many years and her grandfather served on the Philipstown Town Council. Public service runs so deeply in her family, there’s even a scholarship award in the Percacciolo name at Haldane for community service.

But Tara doesn’t rest on her family legacy, she sets her own tone with hard work and a friendly consumer-minded approach in the positions she’s held at Town Hall as Deputy Town Clerk and Clerk to Zoning, Conservation and Planning Boards. “I try to bring in as many people as possible into government and I try to get out as much information as possible to the community,” Tara says with typical conviction. She has made openness, transparency and modernization the hallmarks of her campaign for an office in desperate need of those values.

Tara represents the next generation of leadership for Philipstown!

On November 5th, Elect Tara Percacciolo for Philipstown Town Clerk!