Ripping It Up in 2020

The Democrats are the firewall protecting our democracy. And we need your help now more than ever. 

Trump is guilty of multiple crimes, as well as abuse of power. Everyone knows that, including the GOP. A majority of the American people wanted Trump reined in and held accountable for his crimes, but, the GOP-Controlled Senate had decided on a cover-up from the very beginning. And while we knew Trump’s acquittal was assured, failing to call witnesses in an impeachment trial was “a bridge too far.” Once again, the GOP put Trump over country. As heart-breaking and rage-inducing as this latest miscarriage of justice may be, it is important to remember our recent electoral successes in 2018. And the Philipstown Democrats are ready to build on that success. We are even more determined to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot in 2020. 

We have big plans and a lot of work to do, including electing Karen Smythe to the NY Senate; working on Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s reelection campaign; making sure Democrats are represented in Philipstown and Putnam County government; and, of course, defeating Trump.

We will need help mobilizing voters. Raise your hand to volunteer and contact us.

Can’t volunteer your time? Please consider making a one-time donation or become a sustaining supporter by making a modest monthly donation to the Philipstown Democrats. Every dollar helps us get people who hold our democratic ideals into office.

We won’t lie -- these past few years have been hard to endure, but we’ve had some great wins, including getting Sheriff Langley and Nancy Montgomery elected at the County level and Judy Farrell and Tara Peracacciolo elected locally and re-elections of town leaders Richard Shea, Robert Flaherty, John Van Tassel, and Mike Leonard.

Are you ready to join the Philipstown Democrats in fighting for democracy this year? Because 2020 is here. Let’s get to work.