Speak Out NOW Against the Repeal of the ACA

(Adapted from Organizing for Action and Families USA)

By law, the administration has to consider public comments on this proposal. We have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, MARCH 7th, to make our comments here:


The administration put out a new proposal aimed at sabotaging Obamacare—a blatant attempt to weaken the law at the expense of the tens of millions of people who depend on it.

In an effort to suppress meaningful comments from consumer groups and other stakeholders, the Administration has provided only a 21-day comment period, an unprecedented departure from standard comment periods for rules of this significance. 

Learn more about how these changes favor insurance companies at the expense of people.

Sample Comments:

Any changes to the marketplace exchanges—that have done so much to allow American families to access quality, affordable health insurance—should strengthen and expand coverage and consumer protections, not weaken and limit them.

There is no legitimate justification for shortening the open enrollment period. It will only keep young and healthy enrollees out of the marketplaces, reducing their stability. Putting up barriers to special enrollment periods burdens those who are already going through incredible change—that includes women who are pregnant, those who have lost their jobs, and more. Allowing insurance companies to sell plans that transfer costs and risk to consumers—which makes it harder for people to see the doctors they need and limits the safety net for low-income consumers—runs completely counter to the goals of the law that established the exchanges: to provide quality, affordable health insurance for every American.

I do not support these proposed rule changes, as it’s clear this is nothing more than an attempt to undermine the Affordable Care Act.