Support NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's Inquiry into Trump/Russia

Wednesday, May 10th

Yesterday, Trump fired FBI chief James Comey, purportedly over his investigation of Hillary Clinton. We're not fooled - Comey was fired because he was investigating Trump and the Trump Administration.  Now, more and more members of Congress, including some Republicans, are calling for an independent investigation of Trump and his Russia ties.

According to today's New York Times, however, there is no clear path to an independent investigation of #TrumpRussia.  The post-Nixon law creating a "special prosecutor" or "independent counsel" expired in 1999.  A "special counsel" would still be under the control of the newly appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who showed yesterday that he and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are in no way interested in finding the truth.  A "special congressional commission" could investigate and create a report, but nothing beyond that.

As a result, it looks like it is up to state officials such as New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who cannot be fired by the President or the President's men, to actually perform that independent investigation. As noted in the Daily News in March, "Schneiderman, a frequent Trump critic, has repeatedly said his office will sue the administration if necessary to protect New Yorkers' and the state's interests."


Action You Can Take Today

Tell AG Schneiderman that you support investigations by his office into Trump's ties to Russia, potential violation of the emoluments clause, and any other Trump or Trump associate activity that may violate our laws.

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