Learn About Our Voting Rights

Thursday, February 9th

On this snowy day, take the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the importance of voting rights.  

  • Read Ari Berman's "Give Us The Ballot: The Modern Struggle For Voting Rights In America" (review here)
  • Then try Michael Waldman's "The Fight To Vote" (review here).  
  • Join former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander's Let America Vote campaign, a newly launched national effort to address voter suppression.
  • Read Governor Cuomo's proposal to modernize voting in New York.
  • Congress is considering H.R. 634, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Termination Act, which would eliminate the EAC — the only federal agency charged with improving voting systems and helping states with other critical functions of election administration. Learn more about the EAC

 If we lose the ability to vote and have our votes counted accurately, we lose our ability to preserve our democracy.

Support Elizabeth Warren's History Lesson on Jeff Sessions

Wednesday, February 8

Support Senator Elizabeth Warren's History Lesson on Jeff Sessions

On Tuesday night, Senator Warren announced via Twitter that Senate Democrats would be speaking through the night in opposition to Senator Jeff Sessions' nomination for Attorney General.

As reported in The Washington Post, Senator Warren attempted to read this letter from Coretta Scott King into the record, and was stopped by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who "said that she had breached Senate rules by reading past statements against Sessions from figures such as the late senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and the late Coretta Scott King....The Senate voted, 49 to 43, strictly on party lines, to uphold the ruling that Warren violated Rule 19 of the Senate that says senators are not allowed to “directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.” Pursuant to that rule, Warren was ordered to sit down and forbidden from speaking during the remainder of the debate on the nomination of Sessions."

2017_02-07_ElizabethWarren4.png 2017_02-07_ElizabethWarren5.png

Action You Can Take Today

Whether you've already called 25 times or not, please call our Senators, Chuck Schumer (office locations here) and Kirsten Gillibrand (office locations here), who are pledged to vote NO and tell them THANK YOU and tell them you support their action against Sessions' nomination.  You could even ask them to attempt to read Mrs. King's letter into the record, if that's still possible by the time you call. Consider sending a copy of Mrs. King's letter to those GOP Senators who are supporting Sessions.


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Attend the February Meeting of the Putnam County Legislature

Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00 pm

Downloadable Agenda


Remind Yourself What A Normal Presidency Looks Like

Monday February 6

(adapted from Jen Hofmann's blog, Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience)

This is #NotNormal


Add Twitter To Your Toolkit

Sunday February 5

(adapted from Rogan's List)


If you don’t have Twitter, get it! You’ll need it for the resistance.

Once you've joined, then mosey on over to “Tweet Sheet Tuesdays”, a group where folks can all simultaneously post prepared tweets on Tuesdays at noon Eastern. It's great, and it's SO EASY.

On Tuesday Jan 31st, this group posted a tweet about the EPA, and next Tuesday, Feb 7th, all will be tweeting to Senate Democrats encouraging them to resist the Trump agenda.  Take a look at the group Facebook page and the Tweet Sheet now.


Westchester Resistance Rally

Saturday, February 4 at 12 pm

Action You Can Take Today

Join New York State Senate Democratic Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and many other leaders for a rally at Pace University in Westchester. For information, contact Senator Stewart-Cousins' Office, 914-423-4031.

Oppose the Appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council

Friday, February 3

(adapted from Rogan's List)

Several options to oppose Bannon's dangerous influence in our government.

  1. Contact your senators about this highly unusual situation regarding Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council. Political appointees such as Bannon should not have a seat at the table in place of genuine, experienced military leaders. Ask them to formally request that the Senate force the White House to comply with 50 U.S. Code § 3021 - National Security Council - "Section (a) (6) - the Secretaries and Under Secretaries of other executive departments and of the military departments, when appointed by the President by and with the ADVICE AND CONSENT OF THE SENATE, to serve at his pleasure." http://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-01-31/steve-bannon-on-national-security-council-may-require-senate-confirmation 

    There are many grave concerns about this individual having any voice whatsoever, or even information in regards, to National Security Council information. We would like to see our concerns voiced in a hearing by our Senators.  Find your senators here: http://act.commoncause.org/site/PageServer?pagename=sunlight_advocacy_list_page


  2. Sign the White House petition to “Fire Steve Bannon”. Steve Bannon poses a threat to our democracy. He has said that he wants to send the status quo crashing down.  He appears to be the person calling the shots at the White House and no one elected him. He is not qualified to be on the National Security Council.

  3. Call your House representative and urge them to take a stand against the appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. 5calls.org has background information, as well as a sample script here.

Tell Advertisers What You Think

Thursday, February 2

Today's Easy Action: Defund Fake News Sites That Spread Hate

(Courtesy of wall-of-us.com and dailyactsofresistance.org)

Today's action is an easy and fun one - hit sites like Breitbart News, Drudge Report, where it hurts the most - their bank accounts.

How? By urging companies whose ads appear on those sites to pull them! Most of these companies place their ads via an ad network and have no idea where they show up. So we let them know and if enough of us speak up, the company will probably bow to public pressure and pull their ads which means less revenue for the hate-mongering, fake news sites...
You can do this the easy way -- go to adstrike.us and use the tools and screenshots they've set up which makes it super easy. You can always edit the text of the tweet or Facebook post before you share it.

Or you can do this on your own (the hard way) if you want to - here's how:

1. Go to the fake news site of your choice and scroll around until you find an ad that looks out of place (I would not bother trying to get a gun company to remove their ad, for example.)

2. Take a screenshot/screen capture of the ad on the page next to some of the page content.

3. Then tweet at the company or post on Facebook or send them an email via their customer support email address with a polite, non-offensive message letting them know where their ad is showing up and urging them to pull it. Make sure to include the screenshot with your tweet/post/message.

4. Tag Sleeping Giants in your tweet or post so they know about it (this was their great idea!) Here's Sleeping giants' Twitter handle and here's their Facebook page. If you have space left (for Tweets, that is), add the hashtag #defundhate

Say No to ACA Repeal, Medicare & Medicaid Cuts

Wednesday February 1

Please call your senators and representative today to oppose repealing the ACA without a replacement and to oppose any cuts or restructuring of Medicaid. The call-in number is 866-426-2631 (Thanks to SEIU for providing the toll-free call-in number; those who call will hear a brief overview of the issues and will be asked to enter their zip code before being transferred to their members of Congress.) 

Talking points you might use for the calls

  • No repeal of the ACA without simultaneous replacement - If Congress votes to repeal the ACA, a replacement package that provides equivalent or improved access to comprehensive, affordable, quality health coverage must be included in the same legislation. 
  • No cuts to and restructuring of Medicaid - More than 100 million individuals rely on Medicaid over the course of each year. Program cuts, along with block grant or per capita cap proposals, would hurt people who have no alternative means of paying for essential services. See the National Health Law Program's "Protect Medicaid" series for more information.
  • Preserve Medicare for current and future seniors and people with disabilities - Premium support and other restructuring proposals to shift more costs onto beneficiaries would make health care far less affordable and accessible to seniors and people with disabilities.

 Learn more about the Cassidy-Collins replacement bill, and why it is a "totally inadequate substitute for the ACA".

(Action info courtesy of Mara Youdelman of the National Health Law Program.)


Opposing the Muslim Ban

Tuesday, January 31

Ordinarily, today would have been a day for making calls to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer to oppose the #SwampCabinet. These efforts have been successful, and both NY Senators have vowed not to confirm any of the rest of Trump's cabinet nominees. 

Action you can take today:

Persuading Members of Congress is not the only thing all-of-us can do to fight the Muslim Ban. (adapted from the Wall-of-Us blog)

Here are 2 more strategies: 

  1. Thank the leaders from the following companies who have spoken out against the Ban: d
    • Google
    • Apple
    • Netflix
    • Lyft: Lyft donated $1M to the ACLU and clearly condemns Trump’s actions. In contrast, Uber issued a vague statement. Riders are deleting the Uber app and opting for Lyft.
    • Facebook
    • Tesla
    • Twitter
    • Microsoft
    • Airbnb: Airbnb is offering free housing to refugees affected by the ban.
    • GE

  2. Ask the companies who have not stepped up to do so. Here is a ;list of the CEOs who are currently on Trump's Business Advisory Council. Only two of them have spoken up. This group is meeting with Trump on Friday. Let's ask them to stand up against the ban.

    Sample message/tweet: CEOs of major companies are standing against Trump’s Muslim Ban. Will you? #WallofUs #CompaniesAgainstTheBan

Track Trump's Agenda

Monday, January 30

Having trouble keeping track of everything coming out of Washington these days?  So are we!  Fortunately, the New York Times has created a useful tool, a Trump Tracker, to help us all stay up to date on executive orders and memoranda.

You'll want to bookmark the page, as it will be updated on a regular basis.

In case you've also been wondering about where in the process certain cabinet nominees have landed, the Times is also maintaining a handy online guide.

Rally to Protest Trump's Muslim Ban

Sunday, January 29

"With just a few quick strokes of the pen, President Donald Trump on Friday banned -- temporarily, for now -- more than 134 million people from entering the United States.

Trump barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least the next 90 days ---by executive order, which a senior White House official said later Friday is likely just a first step toward establishing a broader ban." -- CNN

Photo by Upworthy's Eli Pariser at JFK Airport, Jan 28,2017

Photo by Upworthy's Eli Pariser at JFK Airport, Jan 28, 2017

Yesterday, chaos ensued at US airports and abroad as people with valid visas and even green cards were detained when they landed on US soil, or were banned from getting onto planes headed for the US.  Protests began at airports around the countyr, and quick work by lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union helped to resolve the situation for now, but only temporarily.  

Protests will continue today in our area at Newark and JFK airports, and at other places around the country - here's a list from ThinkProgress.org.

Support the American Civil Liberties Union


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States."  It works through litigation, lobbying, and community empowerment.

We need the ACLU now more than ever.


Support the ACLU.  Make a donation today at:


Support Net Neutrality

Call (202-418-1000) or email (ajit.pai@fcc.gov) the new FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai, and tell him that you support Net Neutrality and that you expect him to support it too. 

What's Net Neutrality? New York Magazine summed it up on Tuesday: 

"The net-neutrality debate is about whether one class of private entities, ISPs, should be regulated in order to allow millions of other private entities, users and businesses operating online, to operate freely. Pretty much everyone agrees that they should — except for the ISPs … and Ajit Pai. Pai even wrote a 67-page(!) dissent when the order was adopted. Even Google and Facebook support the principle, in part because they often buy up the smaller startups that flourish on an unfettered internet. Imagine an internet where, rather than buying Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook instead paid for a fast lane and forced Instagram out by other means."

Make your voice heard and keep the Internet a level playing field for everyone. Contact Commissioner Pai now.


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Stay Informed - Attend Putnam County Legislature Meetings


The Putnam County Legislature holds a full meeting once a month, and its committees generally meet monthly as well.  The legislative calendar is at http://www.putnamcountyny.com/legi/legislative-calendar/. We will post meeting notices on our Take Action Calendar, and when available, include documents related to these meetings.


Tonight, January 26 at 6:30 pm is the Audit Committee meeting.
Here is the agenda for that meeting: