Tell Congress Your Own Healthcare Story

Wednesday, May 3rd

(Adapted from Rogan's List)


Jimmy Kimmel’s healthcare story on Monday about his newborn son’s heart condition is touching and revealing of so many concerns we all have about making sure our own families have heathcare when they need it.  (Watch now · Read more)

We have healthcare stories, too.  Let’s make sure we tell those stories to our legislators so they can see and retell what these changes in the ACA will do to real people.  Let them know how important this is to all of us and our families: remind them that healthcare is a human right.

Even if we don’t have a compelling healthcare story, we know that we can keep pushing to get better care for more people.  The efforts to repeal and replace the ACA seem to be coming to a head. (Learn more:

Action You Can Take Today

Reach out to your members of congress with your concerns.

Residents of Phillipstown: click links below for contact info:

Senator Chuck Schumer · Senator Kirstin Gillibrand · Representative Sean Patrick Maloney

If you live somewhere else, you can use this link: