The Citizen's Forum on Legislative Priorities

Sunday February 5 from 2-4 pm

(RSVP required)

On February 5th and 19th join Citizen's Soapbox and Citizen X at a forum from 2-4pm at Desmond-Fish Library in Garrison, NY. These events might draw more people than the legal capacity of the room at the library. In order to ensure that everyone who plans on attending is guaranteed a seat, you should RSVP. Those who RSVP will be given priority over those who are unable to commit. You will be notified if you have a seat at the event and your name will be at the door.

Details from the group:

Historically, in town meetings across New England, community members have come together to practice direct democracy - giving citizens the opportunity for self-determination and action-based engagement to promote their vision for building a better society. 

For a democracy to work, citizens need to ensure that our representatives work to uphold the values we share as a community.  As a step towards achieving this, we believe it is important to create a space to discuss and prioritize those values, and to define concrete ways we can work together to ensure our representatives give voice to them.

At our first meeting on February 5th we will create an organized structure to push our representatives to resist policies and actions that don't reflect our values and to simultaneously promote a positive agenda for social progress. In addition, we will discuss the development of a Community Rights Campaign as a way of uniting around actions that impact us at the local level. To learn more about Community Rights, visit:

At our second meeting on February 19th we will build into this structure a list of legislative priorities on the county, state, or federal levels. The format for this event will be open and democratic. Any citizen may present a specific legislative proposal and will be given 2 minutes of speaking time to support its inclusion in our legislative drive.

February 05, 2017 at 2:00pm - 4pm
Desmond-Fish Library, Route 9D & Route 403, Garrison, NY