Climate Change is Real: Tell Pruitt, Perry, Tillerson & Trump to Keep the Paris Climate Promise

Wednesday, May 31st

(Adapted from Rogan's List)


Amidst the health care madness, the budget madness and the investigation of collusion with Russia madness, things are tilting the wrong way on our participation in the Paris climate change agreement (Read more.)

Please reach out to EPA Chief Pruitt (who wants to break the agreement):  [email protected] and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (who wants revision)  [email protected] and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who wants to stay in the agreement)  

Tell them we have no choice but to continue to work against climate change. 

And though it may make no difference, because he can't remember what he thinks about anything for more than ten seconds at a time, tell Trump to keep us in the Paris Climate Agreement:

Thank you.