Healthcare Heads to the Senate: Keep up the Pressure

Tuesday, May 9th

(Adapted from Rogan's List)

It will be tougher to pass the healthcare bill in the Senate, but it can be adjusted and pass.

Actions You Can Take Today

There are some vulnerable Republican senators. Write to these senators and tell them we will not accept a healthcare bill that leave millions uninsured because of pre-existing conditions, cuts Medicaid for our most vulnerable, and gives tax cuts to the wealthy. You can use this opportunity to tell them what you would like the bill to address, including a Single Payer system. A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that more Americans are leaning toward government-sponsored healthcare. Even Trump likes a single-payer system: But single-payer is not the same as public option. Many of our legislators will try to turn a conversation about single payer into one about the public option, which would not cover as much.

  • Alaska: Lisa Murkowski, 1900 First Ave Ste 225, Ketchikan AK 99901-6059
  • Arizona: Jeff Flake, 6840 N Oracle Rd Ste 150, Tucson AZ 85704-4252
  • Colorado: Cory Gardner, 102 S Tejon St #930, Colorado Springs CO 80903-2231
  • Maine: Susan Collins, 1 Canal Plz Ste 802, Portland ME 04101-4035
  • Nevada: Dean Heller, 8930 W Sunset Rd Ste 230, Las Vegas NV 89148-5010
  • Ohio: Rob Portman, 37 W Broad St Ste 300, Columbus OH 43215-4180
  • Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey, US Federal Bldg, 17 S Park Row B120, Erie PA 16501-1156, 8)
  • West Virginia: Shelly Moore Capito, 48 Donley St Ste 504, Morgantown WV 26501-5900

Bonus Action:

Congressman Raul Labrador in Idaho sparked outrage at a Town Hall on Friday when he said that “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care” Since a study at Harvard showed that approximately 45,000 people die annually due to lack of health care: let’s check in with Labrador about his math: Rep. Raul Labrador, 1523 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

And in case you haven't heard, our Congressman, Sean Patrick Maloney, has started the #AdoptADistrict movement in the House, suggesting that Democratic members of Congress hold town hall meetings in Republican districts when the representative for that district won't. Last night, he spoke at a town hall meeting in John Faso's NY-19 district. Hundreds of people stood in line in Kingston to watch congressional leadership in action.