Funding Congressional Races 1 Penny at a Time

(adapted from "2 Hours a Week")

Friday, July 21, 2017


It Starts Today

Money is one of the biggest impediments to running for Congress. A recent study found that candidates for Senate must raise an average of $3,300 every day for six years to match the contributions collected by that year's winner. 

Money hobbles races; the need for it to run for office also immediately weeds out diversity.

We cannot afford this type of insecurity in our Democratic races: the 2016 election was lost in just a handful of battlegrounds.

It Starts Today uses the simplest of tactics—disbursing money to every single Democratic Congressional candidate the day after they win their primary—to level the playing field.


This works via a monthly subscription—$4.68 minimum to be exact, a figure that represents one penny per federal and state race in the country (you can donate more).

Started by a progressive campaign finance attorney and political technology entrepreneur, It Starts Today is designed to ensure that each Democratic nominee can run a funded, competitive campaign, regardless of their background.