June Debates

As of Memorial Day, there were 24 Democratic candidates running for President in 2020. There will be debates on June 26 and 27th to introduce these candidates to voters.  The June 26th debate will be broadcast on NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo, and the June 27th debate will be on CNN.  Philipstown Democrats and the Putnam Young Dems will co-host a debate watching party in Room B at the Old VFW Hall in Cold Spring on both nights.  Space is limited, so please RSVP here for June 26th and here for June 27th.

Due to the large candidate field, in order to qualify for the debates, the DNC decided that a candidate must either receive 1% support in three polls from these pollsters or receive donations from 65,000 unique individuals, which must include at least 200 donors in at least 20 states.  According to Politico, "Democrats getting at least 2 percent support in the polling average will be randomly and evenly split between the two nights, which will each feature 10 candidates....Candidates below that threshold will also be evenly and randomly divided between the two debate lineups."

Every day from May 27th till the debate nights, we will highlight a different candidate on our home page.