Tell the NYS DOT: No Oil Trains On The Hudson

Sunday, February 12


(Pictured: April 2014, Lynchburg, VirginiaA CSX train—made up of CPC-1232 model tank cars that have been called more protective than faulty DOT-111 cars, and traveling at low speeds on a flat stretch of track—derailed, spilling a fireball of Bakken crude oil into the James River. Link to article) Photo via Waterkeeper Alliance.

U.S. Department of Transportation is asking for feedback on proposed restrictions on trains that carry crude oil along its shore. Public comment period is open now and will continue through February 28th.  Read about it in the Highlands Current.

The docket number for the proposed rulemaking is PHMSA-2016-0077, and the petition will be available at

Trains are not the only delivery methods for crude which affect the Hudson Valley.  Pipelines and oil barges also at issue.  For an in-depth look, read David Heron's chapter on this topic, Transporting Oil to Refineries, from his ebook The Fossil Fuel Story.

(Thumbnail image credit: Wikipedia)