On Mother's Day: Support the Health of Women Worldwide

Sunday, May 14th

It's Mother's Day. Here's a way to honor your mother by supporting the health of impoverished women worldwide: 
Make a donation to Friends of UNFPA.


The Trump-Pence Administration’s drastic and irresponsible decision to eliminate funding to UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, directly affects millions of the most vulnerable women and girls around the world. The fact is: cutting funding to UNFPA will cut women’s lives short.

This action does more than defund UNFPA – it defunds women’s lives. 

Eliminating the U.S. contribution will force UNFPA’s lifesaving work to scale back dramatically. Without the U.S. contribution, UNFPA will be prevented from providing lifesaving reproductive health care to 10.5 million women and girls and from reaching 9 million people in humanitarian crises.

UNFPA is the largest international provider of family planning and reproductive health care globally, working in more than 150 countries and territories. UNFPA not only provides essential voluntary family planning information and guidance, but also delivers emergency obstetric care, trains and deploys midwives, works to end female genital mutilation, works to repair obstetric fistulas and prevent new cases, and vigorously combats child marriage and gender-based violence.

From 2014 to 2016 U.S. support allowed UNFPA to provide lifesaving assistance to an estimated 10.5 million people in humanitarian circumstances. In 2016 alone the U.S. contribution for UNFPA’s work prevented more than 10,000 maternal deaths. Additionally, U.S. support helped UNFPA avert 320,000 unintended pregnancies and 100,000 unsafe abortions. It also enabled approximately 800,000 people to voluntarily decide how many children they will have.

We call on the Administration to reverse this decision immediately. Further, we call on Americans to stand with UNFPA. Together we will demonstrate that Americans care deeply about the health and dignity of all women and girls and will act to support them wherever they live.

As the official support committee for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, every dollar you give is used efficiently to mobilize further funds and action for UNFPA’s lifesaving work. We’re proud of the way we manage our funds, so you can contribute with confidence. Donate here.

Organized under the laws of New York State as a not-for-profit corporation, Friends of UNFPA is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our Federal Identification Number is: 13-3996346.