Opposing the Muslim Ban

Tuesday, January 31

Ordinarily, today would have been a day for making calls to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer to oppose the #SwampCabinet. These efforts have been successful, and both NY Senators have vowed not to confirm any of the rest of Trump's cabinet nominees. 

Action you can take today:

Persuading Members of Congress is not the only thing all-of-us can do to fight the Muslim Ban. (adapted from the Wall-of-Us blog)

Here are 2 more strategies: 

  1. Thank the leaders from the following companies who have spoken out against the Ban: d
    • Google
    • Apple
    • Netflix
    • Lyft: Lyft donated $1M to the ACLU and clearly condemns Trump’s actions. In contrast, Uber issued a vague statement. Riders are deleting the Uber app and opting for Lyft.
    • Facebook
    • Tesla
    • Twitter
    • Microsoft
    • Airbnb: Airbnb is offering free housing to refugees affected by the ban.
    • GE

  2. Ask the companies who have not stepped up to do so. Here is a ;list of the CEOs who are currently on Trump's Business Advisory Council. Only two of them have spoken up. This group is meeting with Trump on Friday. Let's ask them to stand up against the ban.

    Sample message/tweet: CEOs of major companies are standing against Trump’s Muslim Ban. Will you? #WallofUs #CompaniesAgainstTheBan