Philipstown Civics Seminar Part 2

Sunday, March 19th from 2-4 pm

Join RiseUPNY and Citizen's Soapbox for their second Civics Seminar at St. Philip's Parish House in Garrison.

This is how a bill becomes law will examine the process of how a bill becomes law in Congress, looking specifically at the power of the majority party in determining the legislative process, the role of special interests and organized citizens groups, and why most close observers of the process call it "sausage making". 

Jason Angell currently farms at Longhaul Farm, engages in civic-activism through the Ecological Citizen's Project, and teaches both American Government and Sociology at Bronx Community College.  Before leaving NYC, he was the Executive Director of the Center for Working Families, the policy think-tank associated with the Working Family's Party.