Preserve The Separation of Church and State: Contact the White House Today

Thursday, May 4th

(Adapted from Rogan's List, and Project Fair Play)

We know that at least some members of this administration want to blur the lines between church and state, and today Trump is expected to sign an executive order today which does away with the Johnson Amendment.

As noted by Project Fair Play, "The Johnson Amendment is a federal law that protects the integrity of tax-exempt organizations, including houses of worship, as well as the integrity of our elections and the tax code.

This law prohibits tax-exempt organizations—whether a secular group or a house of worship—from supporting or opposing political candidates and political parties. It furthers the original intent behind providing tax-exempt status to nonprofit organizations, which was to ease the financial burden on organizations that operate for religious, educational, and charitable purposes. It was not intended to enable these organizations to more easily engage in partisan politics."

4500+ non-profits have asked the government to keep the Johnson Amendment.  Read what they have to say here.  99+ faith groups have done the same.  Read what they have to say here.

Action You Can Take Today

Tell the White House that you do not support removing the Johnson Amendment.  



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