Say No to ACA Repeal, Medicare & Medicaid Cuts

Wednesday February 1

Please call your senators and representative today to oppose repealing the ACA without a replacement and to oppose any cuts or restructuring of Medicaid. The call-in number is 866-426-2631 (Thanks to SEIU for providing the toll-free call-in number; those who call will hear a brief overview of the issues and will be asked to enter their zip code before being transferred to their members of Congress.) 

Talking points you might use for the calls

  • No repeal of the ACA without simultaneous replacement - If Congress votes to repeal the ACA, a replacement package that provides equivalent or improved access to comprehensive, affordable, quality health coverage must be included in the same legislation. 
  • No cuts to and restructuring of Medicaid - More than 100 million individuals rely on Medicaid over the course of each year. Program cuts, along with block grant or per capita cap proposals, would hurt people who have no alternative means of paying for essential services. See the National Health Law Program's "Protect Medicaid" series for more information.
  • Preserve Medicare for current and future seniors and people with disabilities - Premium support and other restructuring proposals to shift more costs onto beneficiaries would make health care far less affordable and accessible to seniors and people with disabilities.

 Learn more about the Cassidy-Collins replacement bill, and why it is a "totally inadequate substitute for the ACA".

(Action info courtesy of Mara Youdelman of the National Health Law Program.)