Sunday Dose of Small Victories

Sunday, June 4th

(Adapted from Peace Is Loud)

On this day of rest and reflection, take a look at some small (and not so small) victories from this difficult week.

At home, on Thursday the Philipstown Town Board voted to sign on to "adopting the Climate Smart Community Pledge. Our town will join 192 other New York communities (comprising a third of the state's population) who have partnered with the New York State government to build a resilient, low- emission future." To learn more, take a look at the Climate Smart Communities Guide to Local Action.

The Town will be forming an advisory committee to help us move forward, and anyone who would like to volunteer to be on that committee can send an email to [email protected].

When Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris agreement, people immediately mobilized...

...and pretty much the entire world will continue to take action against climate change:

  • India canceled the creation of huge coal power stations, moving instead toward more affordable solar energy—and announced plans to allow the sale of only electric cars by 2030.
  • South Korea is beginning to shut down coal power plants, in a move to combat pollution.
  • Shareholders approved a proposal for ExxonMobil to report on climate change-related risks, despite management’s recommendation to vote against it.


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