Support Net Neutrality

Call (202-418-1000) or email ([email protected]) the new FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai, and tell him that you support Net Neutrality and that you expect him to support it too. 

What's Net Neutrality? New York Magazine summed it up on Tuesday: 

"The net-neutrality debate is about whether one class of private entities, ISPs, should be regulated in order to allow millions of other private entities, users and businesses operating online, to operate freely. Pretty much everyone agrees that they should — except for the ISPs … and Ajit Pai. Pai even wrote a 67-page(!) dissent when the order was adopted. Even Google and Facebook support the principle, in part because they often buy up the smaller startups that flourish on an unfettered internet. Imagine an internet where, rather than buying Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook instead paid for a fast lane and forced Instagram out by other means."

Make your voice heard and keep the Internet a level playing field for everyone. Contact Commissioner Pai now.