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Thursday, February 2

Today's Easy Action: Defund Fake News Sites That Spread Hate

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Today's action is an easy and fun one - hit sites like Breitbart News, Drudge Report, where it hurts the most - their bank accounts.

How? By urging companies whose ads appear on those sites to pull them! Most of these companies place their ads via an ad network and have no idea where they show up. So we let them know and if enough of us speak up, the company will probably bow to public pressure and pull their ads which means less revenue for the hate-mongering, fake news sites...
You can do this the easy way -- go to and use the tools and screenshots they've set up which makes it super easy. You can always edit the text of the tweet or Facebook post before you share it.

Or you can do this on your own (the hard way) if you want to - here's how:

1. Go to the fake news site of your choice and scroll around until you find an ad that looks out of place (I would not bother trying to get a gun company to remove their ad, for example.)

2. Take a screenshot/screen capture of the ad on the page next to some of the page content.

3. Then tweet at the company or post on Facebook or send them an email via their customer support email address with a polite, non-offensive message letting them know where their ad is showing up and urging them to pull it. Make sure to include the screenshot with your tweet/post/message.

4. Tag Sleeping Giants in your tweet or post so they know about it (this was their great idea!) Here's Sleeping giants' Twitter handle and here's their Facebook page. If you have space left (for Tweets, that is), add the hashtag #defundhate