Election Integrity Commission? New York Says No.

Saturday, July 1st

(Adapted from Rogan's List and NewYorkUpstate.com)


Trump's Election Integrity Commission, which will meet in July and is chaired by Mike Pence, with Kansas anti-immigrant gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach as vice-chair, is requesting full voter rolls, including names and party affiliations, from every single state.  They claim that the purpose of the group is to "promote fair and honest Federal elections", however most of the commission members believe that voter fraud is rampant and that voting guidelines need to be more stringent. In other words, it's really a voter suppression commission. (Read more.)

The commission is now seeking data from all 50 states that includes voters' first and last names, dates of birth, political parties (if available) and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Officials in at least 24 states have said they won’t turn over all voter roll data and in at least five states they’ve made it clear they won’t turn over any, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced yesterday that New York will not comply with a request for voter data. 

Action You Can Take Today

Contact the Governor and thank him for standing up against this farce.  

By mail:

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

By phone: 



Contact form here.

If you live in a state other than New York, you can reach out to your secretary of state or election board and tell them you want them to stand up too: https://www.rockthevote.com/get-informed/elections/contact-sos/.

You can use this script: https://twitter.com/Celeste_pewter/status/880531418350198784